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MP3.Com Gone - RIP send_to_friend
It has been some time since I visited because they always make you sign up and all of that crap but it was still a big part of the Net for independent bands. I was shocked when I recently tried to visit and found out that it was no longer there! was a fantastic idea. It just needed more help. The void is open. I hope someone fills it.

This is what I read in the news: "Vivendi Universal decided that promoting indie music just isn't worth it. The company recently sold its domain to CNET and unceremoniously wiped its servers clean of 250,000 recording artists."

Also this snippet: ", founded in 1997, has sold itself as a home for emerging artists and claims to have music from over 250,000 artists. According to Primetones, when shuts down, over 1.3 million tracks from independent artists will be lost."
Sun, 11 Jan 2004 05:15:15 -0500

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